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Boston, MA, 02210
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Real Life Analytics


What we do

How can physical retailers put the right products in front of the right person?


Real Life Analytics has developed advanced computer vision software to provide real time content delivery - ads, products, messages, or social media - to customers in physical stores on digital screens. Retailers will now know the demographics of people in their stores at all times, and are now able to target content based on specific demographic characteristics. Retailers will now have access to in store data which has never been captured before.



The NUmbers

The size of the problem and the opportunity available

$818 billion (USD) annual worldwide loss caused by inventory distortion from out-of-stock and overstock conditions.

This is NOT connecting the right products with the right people. We can help reduce waste by better understanding the demographics of different stores and by matching relevant products to people who are more likely to buy them.

Already 75% of retailers said they planned to identify customers when they walk in store, but currently have no way of doing so. Real Life Analytics gives retailers this power

Targeted Ad's are 2.7x more effective than traditional ones. With 1 in 3 sales influenced by digital media. Our product allows targeted dynamic content to be delivered to those most likely to make a purchase directly at important decision points within a retail store


The Process

Retailers need intelligent ways to determine who a person is, to place relevant content.




Detect the demographic information of the person/people in front of the digital display

Display content (Ad, Product, or Sale) that is targeted and relevant to the person/people currently in front of that display

Analyse the effectiveness of the content as well as the demographic profiles of the customers by gender, age, time of day & much more


See it in action

See the powerful analytics in action with our interactive dashboard.



See our computer vision software in action. Please use Chrome browser  and enable your webcam when prompted. 

Set up a live demo with our team and we can show you how the power of Real Life Analytics can help your business increase sales through targeted in-store advertising.